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Anyone who has traveled to Nort America or Asia in the past few years knows, that LED advertising is much more widespread than in Germany. Even in other European countries.

We assume, that the market for digital advertising in Germany will grow drastically in the next few years. The luminous and moving pictures give many more options.

And save costs for printing posters and the supsequent gluing.

You can control various devices through modern signage software. The integration of „ERP“ or „Big Data“ systems gives the marketing strategists unimagined opportunities.

The times of rigid neon signs are coming to an end wirht great strides.



high customer attention due to extreme luminosity and moving images

significiantly more effective use of the existing advertising space

possibility to change the advertising at short notice

constantly up-to-date content on the advertising medium

possibility to integrate analysis functions

save costs for travel and adhesive


digital information stand with changing content | MagicMirror®

mobile customer stopper at Point of Sale (PoS) | MagicMirror®

digital Out of Home (OoH) marketing concepts

advertising, information and customer approach on one exhibition wall

replacement for conventional posters, roll up banners and LCD screens

Typical products

Our services

We offer all services to set up and operate an advertising system. Our in-house engineers and lawyers prepare planning, static calculations and permits. If necessary, we will also represent you in opposition proceedings and in complaints before the administratice court.

After approval ahs been granted, we deliver and install the system on site. It makes no difference whether this is one of our LEDvertise® systems or an individually planned construction. After comissioning, we either instruct your marketing specialists in using the software and devices, or take care over marketing and control with partners from our partner network.

You got the location? We get the rest!

Decide for yourself which services you need from us and which you want to provide yourself.

Trust our experience of over 100 digital signage and LED projects!

We are looking for attractive locations. You live on a busy road and can hardly use part of the property? Let's turn it into and advantage! Whether you want to operate the advertising system yourself or prefer to only calculate the rent for the location. We have the right solution and attractive offers for you.

In consultation with you, we install a LED wall or one of our LEDvertise® systems and market the advertising through our partner network. Our lawyers provide all necessary permits, our technicians assemble and maintain the system and, together with our partners, we market your location.

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