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For the soccer field, sports hall or hockey field.


Scoreboard and band advertisement are a "Must-Have" for many clubs.

Reach the audience

Reach your audience in the stands and, in case of live broadcasting, the audience in front of the television. Take advantage of the great popu­larity of sports and the resulting reach.

In traditional band advertisement, logos of sponsors are not always consiously noticed. This is easier and more effective with LED technology than with printed boards.

You will get more details and eye catchers thanks to light signals and animations.

More attention

Movements and bright colors are recognized more easily by the viewer and can be remem­bered way better.

Your representations are getting even more attrac­tive for sponsors.


To complete our sports package, we have developed our own software for digital scoreboards. Each club cand esign or change the basic layout of the scoreboard and the representation of the sponsors.

Basic functions such as penalty times or fouls can be loaded and displayed. The scoreboard can be individually adapted for each sport.

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