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Control everything consistently


LED video walls, screen walls, single displays or a combination of those technologies.

Our professional solution for all digital signage applications

We support you with the installation and operation.

Our management and signage server offers the right functions for all needs and is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

No license model

Our core business is the creation and sale of com­plete signage and digital out-of-home marketing solutions. Professional signage software is one of them, but it is not our core business.

We therefore have no license model and only charge the software once when purchasing the server.

This saves you money!


The signage server is the central unit.

All media data such as images, texts, animations and videos are stored and managed here. All spots and campaigns are also defined here.

Access is usually via internet.


Users are managed on the server with the corresponding rights.

Access rights can be granted for single displays and display groups, but also for content such as campaigns, spots, templates or individual medie (images, videos, data) and playlists.


Spots and campaigns are planned using a calendar function by determining the start and end times. Control displays individually or in freely designed groups.

Import spots spontaneously at any time or define broadcast times per day for each spot.

Live data

Variable data such as news, weather forecasts or stock market prices can be integrated into spots based on the location.

The signage client indipendently obtains the necessary live data from the internet.


A spot is a sequence of individual media from the database.

It contains additional information such as po­sition, display size, playback time and possible transitions.


A campaign summarizes several playlists and contains the numer of spots in a specified order.


All displays are connected via secure, SSL-encrypted internet connection.

Optionally via:
mobile (3G/4G), WLAN, cable

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