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Screens - the best solution for presentations at a very short distance.

Diverse screens for a wide range of applications.

High resolution

In view of the high resolution of signage screens, these are particularly suitable for very small viewing distances.

Present your company with state-of-the-art technology. Receive your customers with a screen in the foyer or replace outdated projector solutions in training and meeting rooms.

Signage devices can be put together to create screen walls in order to obtain larger areas.


Video wall displays have extremely thin webs of just a few millimeters. The transitions between the individual LCD screens are barely visible and you get a large and homogeneous picture.

The video wall control is also integrated in these devices, so that the video signal can be transmitted from one screen to the next and only one input signal required for the entire video wall.

Top quality

If you want to create resolutions beyond 4K, the screens can be controlled by special Nvidia or Matrox graphic cards with Full HD (FHD) or Ultra HD (UHD). The distribution of the image on the screen wall then takes over the control of the graphic card.

LCD signage displays are now just as suitable for permanent operation as LED video walls and can be used around the clock(24/7).


We have isntalled the latest technology on hundreds of square meters of exhibition space.

As a partner of well-known LCD- and OLED-display manufacturers like LG and Samsung, we always have the latest information and can coordinate projects directly with the manufacturer. This ensures you the optimal price and best possible support.

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