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Nothing can beat flexibility.

Advertising banner, roll up display, scoreboard or traffic sign.
All in one - indoor & outdoor.

The MagicMirror® is available in various sizes - from 0.5m² up to 11m² display size.

MagicMirror®: The possible uses are broad and individual.

MagicMirror® Indoor

Great emphasis was placed on a slim, light and yet robust design. This makes the MagicMirror® indoor the first portable LED video wall. With a weight of only 30 kg per square meter of display, the MagicMirror® is a mobile device and easy to install.

The large, up to 11m² mobile video walls of the MagicMirror® indoor are based on the same technology and extremely flexible. All devices can be used free-standing or mounted to the wall or ceiling.

When it comes to control, nothing is left to be desired. Optionally, the MagicMirror® indoor products can also be connectet to our signage server.

MagicMirror® Outdoor

The MagicMirror® outdoor products fascinate with extreme brightness and great color brillance. The devices are available in 30 different sizes between 0.5m² and 5m² display size.

Connected to our signage server, you can implement complex advertising concepts and even integrate live data like weather, traffic information, live videos or news.

Fastening point in all corners guarantee simple and flexible installation. Freestanding, hanging or built-in. Various additional options such as our MagicStand and EdgeProtect equip the system even for the toughest applications.

Plug & Play
video wall with thousands of possibilities

from 1.5 mm up to 4.8 mm pixel pitch

content management and monitoring

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