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THE shop for video walls and digital signage.

For trade fairs, stadiums, in foyers or on facades.
The imanigation knows no limits!

Luminous | Animated | Meaningful

Fascination grows with every second.

Make an impression and embellish entire walls.
Our systems are versatile – whether indoors or outdoors.

the right IP rating and the right attachments for outdoor areas

easy-to-install systems for rental use

flexible panels for a wide variety of designs

support structures made of aluminum and steel

server, media databases and management software

Product Overview


Any format can be realized - with an aluminum or steel frame as a supporting structure.

We support you on the selection of the individual panels and plan the entire implementation.


Our patented product for your free-standing advertising or information system.

The ultimate outdoor LED display system. All you need is the right location. LEDvertise® is screwed onto a solid concrete foundation. We also offer a mobile version.


The modern solution for digital signage based on LED panels.

Can be used variably for indoor or outdoor projects - as an information system, control system or advertising board.

Screen Walls

Complete screen walls for professional use.

We deliver, install, configure and calibrate your video wall. Whether in your own shop window or at a trade fair - we provide you with all displays and trusses.

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